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The Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada works diligently to preserve, develop and nurture the Ukrainian Canadian cultural heritage and traditions. UWAC is an integral component of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada and is also affiliated with the National Council of Women, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the World Congress of Ukrainians, and the World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations. Branches of the Association are located within the structure of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church parishes throughout Canada.

Following is the UWAC National Executive for 2007-2009:

Honorary Presidents Sonja Bejzyk, Mary Budzak

Past President Zenovia Sakowsky

President Zennia Yuzik

1st Vice-President Cecilia Kachkowski

2nd Vice-President Sonia Sokyrka

3rd Vice-President Adele Trischuk

4th Vice-President Dorothy Korol

Recording Secretary: Vesper Kowalsky

Corresponding Secretary: Marie Kishchuk

Treasurer: Cheryl Woloschuk

Financial Review Committee: Gloria Oleksyn, Vera Webster, Sylvia Boychuk

Members-at-Large: Sylvia Gryba, Anne Klopoushak

Provincial Presidents:

British Columbia: Liz Lyne

Alberta: Geraldine Nakonechny

Saskatchewan: Dorothy Korol

Manitoba: Olena Garrity

Eastern Canada: Ulana Kryworuchko

Chaplain: Rev. Father Taras Makowsky

The Executive with the assistance of the Provincial Executives is the liason with the local branches.

The National Office is located at the Museum in Saskatoon.

Mailing Address :

Box 102, Cudworth, SK S0K 1B0

Phone/Fax: (306) 256-7013

E-mail: pz.yuzik@sasktel.net



Benevolent: Chrystyna Chase, AB

Promin: Halia Scherbluk, East

Emily Strutinsky, MB

Olha Logvynenko, AB

N. Kobrynska Publishing Fund: Cecilia Kachkowski

Ukrainian Education: Valia Noseworthy, MB

Shirley Wozimirsky, AB

Women’s Issues: Ulana Kryworuchko, East

Olena Garrity, MB

Patricia Yuzik, SK

Carla Kozak, AB

Cultural Arts: Evangeline Manulak, MB

Janet Prebushewsky-Danyliuk, SK

Gloria Ferbey, AB

Ukrainian Museum of Canada: Marusia Foster, MB

Lesya Foty, SK

Hope Ungarian, AB

Sylvia Stasiuk, BC

International/National Ukraine Affairs: Olga Kowalchuk, MB

Oksana Ensslen, AB

Liz Lyne, BC

Archives: Margaret Pestrak, MB

Sonia Pillipow, SK

CYMK: Donna Paskaruk, East

Olena Garrity, MB

Dobr. Joanne Makowsky and Alicia Klopoushak, SK

Iris Zwozdesky-Ciona, AB

UWAC publishes a bilingual journal "Promin":

Editor-in-Chief: Orysia Sushko

Editor/Administrator: Oksana Sushko

Subscriptions and Advertisements should be directed to:

Promin, Box 57268, Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON L8P 4X1

Subscription Rate: $25.00 per year in Canada $30.00 US in other countries


The Ukrainian Museum of Canada of the UWAC

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada is to acquire, preserve, research and study representative artifacts which portray the Ukrainian heritage and its contribution to Canada. The Museum features exhibits, programs, and a boutique.

Museum Branches:

Headquarters, 910 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, Phone: 306-244-3800,

Vancouver, 154 East 10th Avenue, Phone: 604-327-7725

Edmonton, l0611 - 110 Avenue, Phone: 780-466-4216

Calgary - Collection: 404 Meredith Road N.E.,Phone: 403-264-3437

Winnipeg, 1175 Main Street, Phone: 204-582-7346

Toronto, 620 Spadina Avenue, Phone: 416-923-3318


UWAC has the following latest items for sale. Purchases can be made through the National Office. Prices are as listed (add GST and shipping charges):

'For Our Children' (text) $ 8.00

'For Our Children' (CD) $15.00

'For Our Children' (cassette) $10.00

'The Child's Companion' (text) $10.00

'Baba's Trunk' (painting by Larissa Cheladyn) $200.00"